Kanna and Kane are Shape shifters. Due to a genetic deformity Kanna as even tails and Kane has fox ears. Kanna is the friendly happy go lucky one while Kane just tends to hang back and watch.

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imagine a muggleborn in hogwarts starts singing Bohemian Rhapsody under their breath and then another muggleborn notices and starts singing along

and then suddenly all the muggleborns in the area are belting out the lyrics and head banging and every single pureblood is left utterly confused

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"Storm is coming." Kanna said from the tree she was in above the random person she saw.



"How do you know?"

"So if you saw pictures of it then you could be it? Like a T-Rex." He asked then nodded, "Ahhh understandable." He nodded a bit, "Sounds like a plan!" He told her. He was always curious about shifters and now he finally got to find out.

"No no I have to see it with my own eyes. See the reason we have to see it with out own eyes is so that we can study its whole body the way it moves breaths and walks. With that we shift and our body takes the knowledge." Kanna giggled following him and shifted back into a human her tails flowing in a graceful manner much like water. "See we also have what we call and animal voice. None of us know when it happened but it is very helpful. When we first shift we hear a voice. It knows all the secret of the animal we have shifted into and tell us what to do. Each animal has a different voice."

She jumped onto a fallen over log and started walking on it. “See the voices teach us things we could no learn on our own they teach us what that animal has known since day one.” She hopped down and looked at him and started talking with her hands as they walked. “It helps us grow and become one with what we have shifted into. It is said when two or more animals try to take form at once they fight for control which is why hybrid shifts are deadly and can be very painful.”





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" why did I ever love you." (From whoever to whoever hehehe)



Kane looked at Jareth his eyes filled with pain. “W-What Jareth your k-kidding right?” He asked as he bit his lip in worry. He looked at Jareth praying he was joking.

Hearing Kane say it hurts made him let more of his magic free to stop the pain but hearing him say child before he screamed. Jareth didn’t know Kane was with a child, their child. Knowing that made more pain and guilt grow in him because of all he had said and what he had planed on doing but determination came too. Jareth wouldn’t lose their child nor Kane he would save them and stop the pain even if it meant dying. Jareth poured all of his magic into saving Kane and their child and with his magic Jareth could sense the small life within Kane still there still ok. But by focusing all of his magic on Kane the irom poisoning was spreading. If Jareth keeps using his magic like this he’ll soon be only ashes.

Kane felt the pain ease and he was able to finally force both to leave. When the voices vanished he was able to return to his normal human form and move a bit. He looked at Jareth and gasped. “S-Stop using your magic now please!” He begged as he moved over to Jareth. “Please y-you were poisoned some how w-we have to get you healed you cant leave me Jareth.” He said before calling out of any goblin near to help them. He couldn’t lose Jareth not with young on the way. His child would need a father. “Jareth please me and our child need you dont leave us.”

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-Pushes Kanna in and grins-




[[U BUTT]]

Hikaru blushed, before tilting his head. “Kanna, why are you here?”

[[Uhhh… I may have done a thing.]]

"….Oh gods, what did you do?!"

[[Ask Kanna >:3]]

Kanna blushes as she glared at Tori who was grinning. “You tell him.”

((I ain’t saying anything your gonna explain it to him.))

"I hate you." She muttered before looking at Hikaru. "Ummm Well to put it bluntly we are married for three days." She moved her tails to hide her face.

Hikaru blushed darkly, before blinking in shock. “N-nani? We….we are?” he asked, before moving her tails gently. “….Come here you,” he murmured, pulling her into a hug. “It’ll be okay, I promise. I mean, it’s only three days..”

Kanna hugged him back and sighed. “Yes only three day but…. Hikaru…..Are you really okay with someone like me?” She asked looking up at him small tears in her eyes.

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The Devil’s Carnival 


Looking at all the extraordinary creatures Hatter shuddered a little. He didn’t mind Carnivals but this wasn’t the first time he had been here. What his crime of sin was he didn’t know but clearly it wasn’t good if he was here. He needed to find out though so that he could leave this dark place. Satan himself ran the place and who knows what kind of story Hatter would be in while here. Hatter feared the answer.

Hatter turned around, “Wha’?” He asked and looked at her. “D-do you work here?” He asked. She looked pretty normal but Hatter still didn’t trust that. They’ve had kids here before that tried to bring him into his farthest darkness and so he couldn’t trust it. 

Kanna shook her head. “No I dont work here I dont even know where here is.” She let go of him and hugged herself. “I just want to get out of here and hopefully find out if my brother is here as well.” She looked around nervous. She didn’t like the looks of everything. Plus and odd scent that she wasn’t familiar with kept tickling her nose and she didn’t like it. “One minute I was asleep next thing I know I woke up here.”

"Here is the Devil’s Carnival." Hatter told her. "And no, hopefully your brother isn’t here because here is hell on Earth. Satan is literally in charge of this place.” He told her, “What is a sin you’ve done. Because that’s what brought you here.”

Kanna took in everything he said and tried to think of a sin. “I-I dont know I mean I can not think of anyt-” Her words cut off as she thought a bit harder. “Wrath it is the only one I can think of I-I was always mad at him. I really had no reason but It is the only sin I can think of.” She said looking at Hatter. “What sin did you commit?”

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kannatheshapeshifter asked ;  
"Storm is coming." Kanna said from the tree she was in above the random person she saw.







"How do you know?"

Hatter smiled, “Thanks. Kanna’s nice too.” He told her. “Ah right, I didn’t see the tails.” He chuckled a little. “Well he’s a March Hare so a lot of his senses are fairly heightened.” Hatter told her.

"Oh that is understandable I am a shifter myself as is my brother some of our senses are heightened but not all of them." She replied and grinned. "So Hatter where ya headed?"

Hatter nodded, “Nice. Any limits on your shifting?” He asked then looked around, “No clue yet. You?”

Kanna nodded. “Yup tons of limits. Everyone thinks shifters can do anything but that is untrue. We can only shift into animals we have seen with our own eyes.” She started off remembering everything her parents taught her and what she and Kane found out themselves. “We can not shift into more then one animal as a time so no wolf’s with wings and antlers or something like that. Also emotions have a huge role in how well the shift is. Shifting changes your body into a new form so you have to be very level. You can not be to angry, scared, worried, or happy.” She shifted into a falcon and flew around him a few times. “Once you Shift its okay to let you emotions take over again but sometimes your emotions can also cause you to shift involuntarily.” She said landing on his shoulder. “And I have no clue where I am headed I was just wandering.”

"Ah that’s cool. I mean turning into a T-Rex would be fun but yeah, it’d be weird to be an animal like that." He said with a grin. "What if it’s an existing hybrid like a Liger or something?" Hatter asked raising an eyebrow. This was definitely interesting to learn about. He never met someone who could shift into other creatures so it was like…wow, to him. "Then let us wander?" He suggested with a grin.

"If it exists and I have seen it I can become it. If a hybrid is made that is fine. See the reason we can not become hybrids is because they are not compatible. Not to say it hasn’t happened before but it is a dark thing in Shifter history." She shook her head remembering the two stories of how the shifts happened. "It is another reason we have to see it first. We can not become something we do not know." Kanna smiled when he asked if the would wander. She bowed to him and nodded. "Yes let us wander dear hatter I am sure it will be very interesting for both of us. You to learn more of my kind and me to educate you."